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The Myrtle Beach - Grand Strand music scene does exist, the club - venue scene is very limited and fleeting. There are bars up and down the beach that have shows and support local bands. If your bar, club, venue is having an event or hosting a local band please contact us at (843) 445-2800 and let us know. Flyers and posters are always welcome. FB us and we will promote your show.

We offer CD's, LP's and Cassettes produced by local bands and artists. All money from sales (excluding shipping costs, online), go directly to the band. If you have a CD, etc which you created, bring it on in. We will do our best to promote you in the store and now on our website and FB. Always remember that selling your music is more dependant on you promoting it's availablilty (at our store and online), at your shows and on FB. All money is yours, we just want to promote the local artist and scene. We can provide links from this page to your FB or website. We only ask that you give us a shout out every once in a while.

Myrtle Beach Area Artists

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An amazing new CD from Local Wunderkind, Charles Grace and his Band, Sleeping Policeman.

With a new producer, Charles and Co. have moved on to new territory. Give this CD a try, go to https://sleepingpoliceman.bandcamp.com/ and give it a listen. BUY IT



sleeping policeman

An Untitled Tale•••••Closing Chapters


Sleeping Policeman aka Charles Grace has been a Myrtle Beach staple for many years. You can catch him live at many venues up and down the coast and in many cities in SC & NC. Starting with a stripped down folk styling on his first CD, "An Untitled Tale" he showed more versatility, range and styles on his second adventure, "Closing Chapter". He sometimes performs with a band, but most times you can catch his show on a one on one basis. Limited quantities of the CD's available at Kilgors.

Wicked Gift

wicked gift

stained glass scars••••••falling through time

Wicked Gift have a dedicated following in Myrtle Beach. Making and producing CD's for over 8 years, they will fill a venue with happy, groovy people. Power Pop with great harmonies, quality crafted pop songs that get the feet moving and leave the head singing the tunes. We have two of the three CD's they have released for sale at Kilgors, limited quantities. For the online order people, CD Baby has three CD's available for reasonable prices. Digital downloads also available. Check links on above pics.

Octopus Jones

octopus jones cd

treat yourself••••••••••••Phantasmagoria

octopus jones cassette

"m is we" - limited edition cassette

El Guapo Sessions

El Guapo Sessions - 2016

Listening to Octopus Jones is like taking a trip through the wormhole. Brooding melodies, impeccable production, original but memorable music. Why these guys have not been signed to a major label baffles me. Mark My Words...you will be hearing about them. Hailing from Raleigh, NC now, this at one time, local Myrtle Beach band, has been delighting audiences up and down the east coast. Truly original and enjoyable music, not for the pop world but more inclined to become Prog giants. Both CD's are available as digital downloads. We have several copies of Phantasmagoria and the "M is We" cassette in stock, for a limited time.

turnip farm records

Turnip farm records


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