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all dvd movies are now $2

On sale days (Tues, Wed, Sat.) DVD Box sets are $2 OFF, Blurays are also $2 OFF on sale days.


Commercial Video Formats have been changing, evolving and reducing. The original Videodisc system replaced by Laser Disc, then DVD and now Bluray. Some people still have and use VHS video formats. We try to keep an interesting selection of the available formats for sale. We actually have a few Video - Discs, that quick to die system from the 80's. Laser discs, we have them, all $5. We actually have a good selection, some still sealed. When it comes to DVD we have 1000's of titles, most from $2 - $5. All discs are scratch-free and guaranteed. We also have Collectible DVD's, TV show box sets and Special Editions.

Blurays frequently come packaged with DVD and digital copies. If we get them in complete, we sell them complete. Great deals on wonderful Bluray quality. All guaranteed. We have quite a selection of Bluray movies, Anime and TV Shows.

All of our Video Products are priced to sell. Low prices, quality products and great selection. What more could you ask from your Video Store?

Kilgor trouts music & more

At Kilgors we offer quality New/Used products at Low Prices, Guaranteed. Informed, Honest and Friendly Service create a positive, open minded and diverse experience for customers of all ages and lifestyles.


Any media item purchased from our store is guaranteed to play through without errors. Bring any purchased defective item to us and we will clean it to new or replace it.


We buy many items; collectibles, memorabilia, vintage rock T-shirts and of course CD's/DVD's/Video Games/Vinyl all formats. If you have too many DVD's/CD's/Video Games that you do not need and would like to replace with new ones, we offer a trade in special. You bring us 2 (CD/DVD/Video Game) and we give you one (CD/DVD/Video Game), WHAT A DEAL!!!

A Few Examples of video we buy

Bring your DISC style video to us. We purchase whole collections or a few movies. Complete units please, we will look at DVD's out of case, but value is limited on these items. Trade or sell at Kilgors every experience is a positive one. WE PAY MORE!!!!!

  • Multi-Movie Sets / Box Sets
  • TV Show Box Sets / Series
  • Collectible Special Edition
  • Multi Disc Movies with Second Disc Extras
  • Music Videos /Concert Videos
  • Anything Beatles
  • Independent Films
  • Foreign / Art Films
  • Gay Cinema
  • Anime
  • Blu Ray

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