kilgors services

disc repair

Disc cleaning

We provide cleaning and scratch removal of DVD's, CD's, most Video Game Formats. PS3 and Blu-Ray discs once scratched CANNOT be repaired We charge $1 for quick buffing and $2 for grinding and buffing. When bringing in discs to be cleaned remember we will only clean 3 at one time.

special orders

Have a special Album or Video you are looking for? Can't find it anywhere? Come to us and we will do our best to find it for you and order it.

Looking fora New Released Vinyl? Just ask, you can also write it on our Special Request list. just list it, tell us what format (CD, DVD, Vinyl) and if we can get it from our distributor, for a reasonable price, then we will. Check the list to see if we found it and ordered it.

If you want to Special Order an item and have us hold it for you, then we require a deposit. Special Orders take generally 7-10 days to arrive. A deposit of $5.00 is required for each order and no more than 3 items at a time. We charge $1 to place the order. Customer is responsible for shipping costs.

We love to hear from you and would like to know what you would like to find in the store. Always let us know, what you might be looking for. Stickers, buttons, Vinyl, CD's, we listen and order everythiing we can find.



We purchase whole collections or a few items. Complete units please. Trade or sell at Kilgors every experience is a positive one. WE PAY MORE!!!!! Trades are 2 for 1. You give us 2 items and we let you get 1 item valued $8 or under. Video Games are traded format for format, in other words, 360 for 360, PS3 for PS3. Gamecube for Gamecube, Xbox and PS2 are interchangeable. All trades must be complete with all inserts, discs must be in playable condition, no scratches. If you bring in dirty items you won't get as much, we still have to clean them. Trades are at the discretion of Kilgor Trouts Employees.

  • Multi-Movie Sets / Box Sets
  • TV Show Box Sets / Series
  • Collectible Special Edition
  • Multi Disc sets, reissues, re-mastered
  • Music Videos /Concert Videos
  • Anything Beatles
  • Foreign / Art Films
  • Blu Ray music
  • Anime
  • Blu Ray video