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all ps2, xbox and wii games are now $3.00. all guaranteed, buy-trade-sell

Atari - NES - SNES - Atari 5200 - Sega Genesis - XBOX - XBOX 360 - PS1,2,3,4 - Xbox One, games for sale and many more.

Video Games are now a permanent part of everyday life. At Kilgors we offer a constantly evolving and changing variety of Guaranteed, Vintage, Hi-quality video game systems. We clean and test all sytems, restoring them to "as close to new - condition", which will offer you long lasting enjoyment. All systems are guaranteed for 30 days. We sell most vintage systems, when in stock, with 2 games, all hookups and 1 controller included. Being a used market, we can only put out for sale, what we have in stock.

Looking for that "Hard to Find", elusive game? Check us out, you never know what we may have in stock.

We generally have Game Cube, Super NES, Original NES, PS2, PS3, wii, Sega, Atari, XBOX, and a few more systems available for sale, or at least parts, controllers or games. All Guaranteed.

Got a vintage system to sell? Bring it by. Try to bring the controllers and hookups. We will need to test the system to insure it works. The price we pay will depend on Condition, Quality and Repair needs. You can bring in your old games to sell or trade. We accept 2 games from you and you can get 1 game in return. Come on by and discuss your collection. We pay more.

Kilgor trouts music & more

At Kilgors we offer quality New/Used products at Low Prices, Guaranteed. Informed, Honest and Friendly Service create a positive, open minded and diverse experience for customers of all ages and lifestyles.


Any media item purchased from our store is guaranteed to play through without errors. Bring any purchased defective item to us and we will clean it to new or replace it.


We buy many items; collectibles, memorabilia, vintage rock T-shirts and of course CD's/DVD's/Video Games/Vinyl all formats. If you have too many DVD's/CD's/Video Games that you do not need and would like to replace with new ones, we offer a trade in special. You bring us 2 (CD/DVD/Video Game) and we give you one (CD/DVD/Video Game), WHAT A DEAL!!!

We Pay More for used items. Better than the Pawn Shops or Flea Markets. Being an actual store we will back up everything and will not pay you in counterfeit money. Try Us, you will see


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Bring your video game to us. We purchase whole collections or a few movies. Complete units please, we will look at games out of case, but value is limited on these items. Trade or sell at Kilgors every experience is a positive one. WE PAY MORE!!!!!

  • Super Mario Bros (1987), Nintendo Game & Watch, Japanese version. The most valuable Game & Watch title when in mint condition, with only 10,000 manufactured.
  • Exed Exes (1985), Nintendo Famicom, Japanese version. This cartridge fetches high prices in Japan when found with its Silver Members stickers.
  • Mickey Mania (1995), Sega Mega CD, European version. Said to be rarer than Secret Of Mana on the Super Nintendo.
  • Comix Zone (1995), Mega Drive, Japanese version.
  • Hyper Duel (1996), Sega Saturn, Japanese version.
  • Tengen Tetris (1989), Nintendo Entertainment System, US version. This version of Tetris is collectible due to Tengen being refused copyright for its NES version of the puzzle game, but they distributed it anyway. It was pulled from shop shelves only four weeks after publication.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom 2 (2000), PS2, Xbox, and Dreamcast. As the license for use of the Marvel characters has long expired, Capcom is no longer able to release this game in any format. As a result, the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game have become more valuable since their release.
video games