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all ps2, xbox and SELECT wii games are now $3.00. all guaranteed, buy-trade-sell



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Atari - NES - SNES - Atari 5200 - Sega Genesis - XBOX - XBOX 360 - PS1,2,3,4 - Xbox One, games for sale and many more.


vintage video game systems

We rebuild, clean and guarantee our vintage video games systems will work as designed. 30 Day Guarantee on all systems. You are going to have to check with us to find out what is in stock.


Video Games are now a permanent part of everyday life. At Kilgors we offer a constantly evolving and changing variety of Guaranteed, Vintage, Hi-quality Video game systems. We clean and test all systems, restoring them to "as close to new - condition", which will offer you long lasting enjoyment.

Looking for that "Hard to Find", elusive game? Check us out, you never know what we may have in stock.

We generally have Game Cube, Super NES, Original NES, PS2, PS3, wii, Sega, Atari, XBOX, and a few more systems available for sale, or at least parts, controllers or games. All Guaranteed.

Got a vintage system to sell? Bring it by. Try to bring the controllers and hookups. We will need to test the system to insure it works. The price we pay will depend on Condition, Quality and Repair needs. You can bring in your old games to sell or trade. We accept 2 games from you and you can get 1 game in return. Come on by and discuss your collection. We pay more.

Kilgor trouts music & more

At Kilgors we offer quality New/Used products at Low Prices, Guaranteed. Informed, Honest and Friendly Service create a positive, open minded and diverse experience for customers of all ages and lifestyles.


Any media item purchased from our store is guaranteed to play through without errors. Bring any purchased defective item to us and we will clean it to new or replace it.


We buy many items; collectibles, memorabilia, vintage rock T-shirts and of course CD's/Video Games/Vinyl all formats. If you have too many CD's/Video Games/Vinyl that you do not need and would like to replace with new ones, we offer a trade in special. You bring us 2 (CDVideo Game/Vinyl) and we give you one (CD/DVD/Video Game), WHAT A DEAL!!!

Trades must be clean, with original case and art, sleeves. 

We Pay More for used items.

Try Us, you will see


video games